Career Counseling

Career Counselling for Students/Housewives/Middle aged people where we discuss their Career Orientation at individual level and overcome their career confusion

While competition is increasing, opportunities and variety of careers are also increasing rapidly. There is no such thing as an “ideal” career with the best “scope.” If you choose your courses of study and your career based on what you are good at, you will always be successful.It is not just a job. It is a way of life, and your achievements and happiness depend on it

Everyone has some fundamental abilities they should have good knowledge about it: Career Counselling helps pupils to know the concept. Effort is the drive to achieve goal and targets; talent is the inherent skill spontaneously getting involved when anyone put an effort to achieve career wise.

Moreover, career counseling has different components that each student should have good idea of it, counseling turns pupils realistic and knowledgeable about the present hottest skills and eligibility of ‘self’. Career Assessment helps student get an emotional mapping and clear picture of the same. Mapping helps students to know both strength and weakness the purpose is to weaken the strengthen the strength and weakness . This way a student can enhance his/her potential.

Very often we are pushed into jobs and careers which are not suitable for us. To really be able to succeed, progress and enjoy our work, it is necessary that we should have interest. Helping 2 Hands The AR Foundation organizes career counseling sessions under experienced professionals who can give complete details about the profession which a child is looking forward as a long term career.