Orphanage Assistance

Transform the lives of orphaned children and change the story.

In the heart of every child is a hunger for home. Not just for food and a place to sleep, but for safety and community.

There are many ways of share and care an orphan. Helping 2 Hands The AR Foundation will provide complete details of the each child you will be sponsoring with photograph , medical report and other documents as per the requirement. Their is a option where you can call the child and ask about what all we are providing and supporting.

We take care of following basic needs of the sponsored orphans.

  • Subsistence(monthly ration, clothes, hygiene kits);
  •  Education (includes school fee, books, school supplies and two uniforms);
  •  Health (includes medical checkups, immunization);
  •  Social upliftment (includes Extra curricular activities) last but not the least;
  •  Child Protection Rights (includes inheritance and family).  
  • Seek them out
  •  Virtually adopt a child
  • Find a family that is adopting and adopt them


Working effectively on the ground with the local community, local government, and other organizations, the results are tangible and life sustaining rather than only for emergency relief